Monday, July 21, 2014

Lake Murray Wedding Bridal Portrait Photography

Photographing out at Lake Murray can be challenging.  On the particular day that Christine choose to have her bridal portrait done, it was a windy, overcast day.  It wasn't her fault, it was just the way it worked out.  She and her family were so sweet and I told them that we would get some great shots anyway.  She picked a beautiful piece of land that is privately owned out on Lake Murray to have her bridal portraits done.  I had shot some engagement pictures there a couple years ago, so I knew the location had all sorts of great spots.  Since the weather was not ideal we started inside and then moved to some of the old barns and buildings that are on the property.  Towards the end of the session the clouds began to break and the wind started to die down so we went out to the point that overlooks the lake.  We were blessed by God to have a magnificent sunset like I've never seen.  The colors were so rich and vibrant.  The color in the photos below were not manipulated in any way.  That was really the color of the sunset.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.